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Valsir was founded in 1987, on the basis of a precise industrial strategy adopted by the Fondital Group- a holding that is leader in the plumbing and heating market with a sales turnover of over 900 million Euro and 2,600 employees- with factories in Italy in Valsabbia to the north of Brescia and abroad in Protugal, Poland, Russia, Romania, the Ukrain, France and South Africa. Valsir is today a solid and expanding firm within a group whose true points of cohesion and strength lie within a strong sense of collaboration and the contribution of specific professional skills of each single component.


Valsir HDPE

Valsir HDPE is a fusion welded system made up of pipes, fittings and accessories, suitable for all installation types, destined to waste and rainwater drainage. It is the ideal solution for installations above ground, thanks to its resistance to UV light; and below ground or embedded in concrete thanks to its exceptional mechanical characteristics.

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Valsir Pexal Gas

Pexal Gas is the result of the years of experience gained by Valsir in the production of multilayer systems for combustible gas in residential building: the international certifications obtained over recent years for Pexal Gas in Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Ukraine are proof of the reliability and quality of the system.

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Valsir PP

Valsir PP is a waste system made up of pipes, fittings and accessories for the construction of waste and rainwater drainage systems. Valsir PP is extremely light system and thanks to the push-fir socket with hydraulic seal it represents the most simple solution for the construction of waster and drainage systems.

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Valsir PP3 - Sound Proofing Systems(17db)

Valsir PP3 is manufactured to European standard EN 1451 and can be used for waster systems at low and high temperatures, ventilation systems at waster networks and for rainwater drainage systems inside buildings for civil and industrial use, hospitals and hotels.

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Valsir Rainplus

Rainplus features the most up to date technology in the building market and in rainwater drainage from the roofs of medium to large size buildings. The system uses the building height as the driving force to generate high speed flow rates thus maximizing drainage efficiency.

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Valsir Silere - Soundproofing Systems(6db)

Silere is a push-fit systems composed of pipes, fittings and accessories, is industrialized produced and patented by Valsir and meets these requirements guaranteeing the levels of silence of waster systems as required by the laws and regulations in force.

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Valsir Triplus - Soundproofing Systems (12db)

The Triplus pipes are in fact made up of three layers of material which, when joined, result in a system with extremely good mechanical characteristics, even at low temperatures, and an excellent sound prooding performance.

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Valsir Pexal Easy

Pexal Easy® is an advanced fittings system in technopolymer (PPSU) for water supply, heating, cooling and refrigerating systems, as well as being the ideal solution for compressed air systems and industrial installations in general.It is used with the Pexal® pipe and guarantees an increase of 30% in bore as compared with normal compression or press fittings.

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Valsir Mixal

Mixal is composed of multilayer pipes and different types of fittings that makes it suitable for all plumbing and heating systems. Thanks to its extremely flexibility it is the ideal product for the construction of radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems.

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Valsir Pexal Brass

Pexal® Brass is a series of press fittings with a brass alloy body and stainless steel sleeve that are suitable for a multitude of applications, from hot and cold water supply systems to heating systems and industrial plants. They can be used both with the Pexal®, Mixal® and Thremoline® pipes.

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